NIER hosts National Seminar in Vientiane “Economy and Climate Change: Challenges and Potential Solutions"

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The National Seminar under the theme “Economy and Climate Changes: Challenges and Potential Solutions” was hold half day on the 29th April 2019 at National Institute for Economic Research (NIER) under the chair of Dr. Sthabandith Insisienmay, Director General of Centre for Macroeconomic Policy and Economic Restructuring. There were more than 30 participants participated in the seminar such as 16 researcher from research institutes, 6 people from universities, 1 person from international donor (Centre for Development and Environment), 10 people from line ministries. During the seminar, participants were introduced about (1) REACT project’s background and its activities by Ms. Latdavanh Sonvilay, (2) overview current situation of climate change and Lao Government’s responded strategy and action plans by Mr. Vanthon Phonnasen, deputy chief, Department of Climate Change of Ministry of National Resources and Environment, and (3) impact of global warming on the economy and potential solutions by Dr. Phetkeo Poumanyvong.

The seminar was very successful; all participants had recognized about the REACT project, had been updated about the current CC situation as well as recognized the Lao government’s responded strategies and action plans to CC, and also had better understanding about the impact of CC to economy and several potential solutions. Most importantly, the participants had better and deeper understanding about some potential solutions through the discussion and exchange ideas during the seminar particularly on the following issues:

  • The REDD+ procedures, the progress of REDD+ in Laos, the cost and benefit of REDD+ for Laos?
  • Issuing CMD certificate to companies and development projects in Laos, what are the benefit of this mechanism, what are incentive given by the government to companies/project whom received the certificated?
  • How to access to database or information on rainfall, temperature, and data related to CC in order to use for research in the future?
  • Most of the potential solutions can apply in developed countries in particular carbon price, climate finance, green economy. How about in the case of developing country like Laos which solution is practical and suitable?