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The REACT Network for Climate Change Research & Education In Southeast Asia (REACT Climate Change Network for short) has been created in the framework of the Erasmus+ capacity building project “strengthening climate change REsearch And innovation CapaciTies in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam”. Its Vision is to be a leading platform to support Climate Change research and education in Southeast Asia.

The Mission of the REACT Climate Change Network is to
a. Promote Climate Change Research & Innovation in Southeast Asia,
b. Facilitate networking and cooperation between Climate Change researchers and institutions in Southeast Asia,
c. Disseminate research results to stakeholders in order to increase awareness of Climate Change issues and influence
d. Support and develop Climate Change training and awareness initiatives.

For more information on the Network objectives and activities, please download the attached flyer. Network Statutes will be uploaded soon.

Membership (institutional or individual) is open to any Higher Education Institution, Research Centres, or other
organizations and individuals connected with Climate Change issues in Southeast Asia. Advisory membership in the network is open to institutions who do not fall in the geographic scope, but with to establish some formal relationship with the REACT Climate Change Network to facilitate cooperation with its members and to participate in Network activities. Applications can be sent to the Governing Board using the attached form.