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REACT – “Strengthening climate change REsearch And innovation CapactiTies in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam” – is a three year Erasmus+ Capacity Building project co-financed by the European Commission which aims at supporting Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam in strengthening their capacities and regional cooperation by promoting effective Research & Innovation in Climate Change.
In particular, REACT aims to:
1. Build up the human capacities of partner institutions to initiate, develop, manage, assess and exploit R&I in Climate Change, as well as to modernize relevant curricula with the integration of R&I in Climate Change towards more competence-based study programs.
2. Strengthen institutional capacities by setting up a solid, regional and competitive multi-disciplinary REACT Network of Research & Academic Units in Climate Change.
Successful implementation of REACT activities by a consortium and Southeast Asian and European HEIs and Research Institutions will result in improved management and capacities of research and innovation in Climate Change in partner HEIs, as well as modernized relevant curricula and increased networking and cooperation opportunities.
Specifically REACT will:
  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of R&I and Academic offering focused on Climate Change and related topics in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.
  • Set up a Network of Research and Academic Units in Climate Change, by creating said Units in partner HEIs to support them in developing a multi-disciplinary and innovative approach to Climate Change research & teaching.
  • Build human capacities in strategy, management, implementation and evaluation of R&I results in Climate Change.
  • Foster Networking & Sustainability through National & Regional events, bringing together relevant stakeholders to raise awareness on Climate Change matters, recruit other partners into the Network as well as stimulate research cooperation and access to funding opportunities.
Through its activities and sustainable outputs, REACT will not only benefit the partners directly involved, but also other HEIs and stakeholders throughout Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, including:
  • Academics & Researchers from partner institutions and others benefit from training and services provided by REACT Units.
  • Students benefit from the modernized competence-based curricula offered by partner HEIs.
  • Partner Institutions benefit from strengthened capacities of their researchers to develop new lines of research and obtain funding, making them as well more attractive as partners in international initiatives.
National Authorities, Private Sector and Society in general benefit from increased awareness and dialogue on Climate Change issues in their countries and access to partners’ researchers for their expertise in the field